Welcome to Sola Salon Studios

Reinventing the salon as you know it

If you’re a driven salon professional, now there’s a better way to take control of your career. Sola Salon Studios™ offers the freedom you can’t find in a conventional salon. Imagine if you could keep the money you earn, set your own schedule, design your own salon space and get the business support you need from someone who has a vested interest in seeing you succeed—for around the same price as renting a chair. We invite you to join the Sola community and experience a level of freedom and support you won’t find anywhere else.

Who is Sola Salon Cincinnati?

Our Mission

Our Mission is to improve the lives of salon owners by giving them the freedom to design their own destiny and to provide them the tools and support systems that they need to make that happen.

The Sola Experience

From high-end equipment to a modern atmosphere to customized marketing materials, we offer a full suite of amenities with the support you need to seize more success.